65C Tangzhong (汤种) Bread


I’ve been very intrigued by Asian baking techniques lately. After reading about and eyeing homemade Tangzhong bread from bloggers, I decided to give it a try this weekend.

The Tangzhong method is a water roux that produces soft and fluffy bread. I had made two type of bread to use up the roux I had made.

The first bread was an oatmeal whole wheat bread which I had adapted from Do What I Like. The results were indeed was soft and crumbly bread as fellow bloggers had described but perhaps could be softer and fluffier if I had kneaded the dough twice. Image

The second type of bread was a chocolate sweet bread also adapted from Do What I Like. I ran out of time when making this bread so I cheated a bit by not letting the bread proof to its full capacity before baking. The chocolate portion was fluffy but the sweet bread in the middle came out denser than it should. I will definitely be trying the Tangzhong method again, following the steps with more care and precision

Here is the basic recipe I had used for both breads:


250ml water

50g all-purpose flour

250 g all-purpose flour
1 tbsp skim milk powder (optional)
80 g TangZhong
105 ml temperate water
1tsp salt
1/4 cup sugar
1tsp dry yeast
2 tbsp oil

Please check out Do What I LikeChristine’s Recipes, or Tastespotting for more information and instructions about baking using the Tangzhong method.