{Life} Routine


The alarm on my iPhone goes off. 20 seconds later, the alarm clock by my bedside goes off.

I stumble out of bed and change into my workout clothes.

I stumble into the kitchen. No need to turn on the lights. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a cup and fill it up with water. I down the drink like medicine.

Put on my running shoes to go for a run.


After my run, I get ready for work.

I eat my breakfast in the car. Yes, I’m one of THOSE drivers. Guilty as charged.

Commute to work is an hour.

I spend 11 to 12 hours at work.

Commute home is an hour.

Once home, I unpack and prepare my food for the next day.

Go to sleep.

Day out.


Next day arrives.


And this routine repeats. Day in, day out.


Although content, I want to start settling into a career. My current job provides variety and challenges but there isn’t room for long-term advancement and the commute is a bit further than I would prefer. I like the work-life balance but my current job doesn’t feel like my calling. I feel I’m meant to do more.

I just don’t know what that calling is yet.


I’m lost waiting to be found.


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