ImageMy mother is almost perfect.

She is the most patient person I know.

When I suddenly became vegetarian, she wasn’t pleased but stuck by me.

When I turned vegan, she thought I was crazy but my hardheaded personality left her vulnerable and eventually, she conceded.

When I lost too much weight and began to looked emaciated, she begged me to stop torturing my body.

I took a step back and told myself it was okay to be a vegetarian. She took a step forward and embraced me for who I have become.


Thank you. If you hadn’t stuck by me, I would have probably been in the hospital by now.

Your patience is endearing. It has allowed me to find myself.


My mother is almost perfect.

She has such a generous heart, it’s contagious.

I used to be afraid of spending and giving too much; as if the people around me were going to take advantage of my generosity.

My mom taught me the importance of being happy; of enjoying happiness with the people you care about and love; how to trust the people I care and love.


Thank you. Your generosity has made me a more generous person. I’ve found happiness because of you.


My mother is almost perfect.

Her flaw?

She immerses herself in so many projects but rarely completes something. I end up trailing behind her, trying to sweep up everything she starts.


Like these mochi.

She wanted some. So she cooked some lotus seeds, mixed in a little brown sugar, and turned them into paste. My mom proceeded to mix the sweet rice flour with water and gave them to me to microwave.

And that was where she had left this project. With me.

So I proceeded, like usual, to finish things for her.

Lotus Paste Mochi


Boil dried lotus seeds with water in the pressure cooker. Once done, mix in enough brown sugar to taste. Set aside to cool.


3 cups of sweet rice flour

3 cups of water

Mix the flour and water until well combined. MIcrowave for 5 minutes. Remove and mix well. If the batter seems a bit dry (which mine did), add more water (I added about 1 more cup of water). Place batter back into microwave for 5 more minutes.


Lightly grease tray with oil. Sprinkle (more like drench) unsweetened coconut shreds onto tray until completely covered. Scoop mochi dough with ice cream scooper onto tray. Flatten dough and fill with lotus paste. Roll with more coconut shreds if dough is too sticky. Shape into balls and gently flatten into mochi.


My mother is almost perfect.

But that’s okay, because she has made me into a better person.


Thank you.


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