The Running Chronicles: Red Laced Slippers

Every morning before work, I strap on my running shoes and venture out into the cold air for a short run.

During the evenings after work, I strap on those same shoes to run before the long drive back home.

On the weekends, I take at least one day to go on a long run. This past Saturday, it was a chilly 46 degrees but I strapped on those shoes and ran 17 miles. It was my furthest run to date.

I didn’t think I would be able to run this far but I’ve been surprising myself with such impossibilities lately.

…how courageous I am when confronting intimidating situations

…how blatant I have become

…how running has taken over my life

My running shoes have become red laced ballet slippers strapped to my ankles. Once I slip into them, my whole body loosens; my mind wanders.

I always seem go further than the goal I’ve set out for myself at the beginning of a run.

Today, I will run only 10 miles.

I end up running 12 miles.

I’m addicted.

At the same time, this addiction has become my outlet to daily stress, my relief from the long drive to and from work, my freedom to allow my mind to wander.

“Addiction” usually has a negative connotation but these red laced slippers have actually taught me to take better care of my body.

The last thing I want is for my body, my legs to fail me and not allow me to run.

Life, I’ll be okay. Leave these red laced slippers strapped around my ankles whenever I run but allow me to unlace them with grace at the end of my runs.

The slippers only control my runs, not my life.






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