I am Grateful

I’m out.

Out on a camera. I let my mom borrow it for her trip.

Out of a mom. For only a month.

Out of batteries on my loaner camera. I’ve been too occupied to ask its owner for the charger.

Out of electricity. For the past two days. Thanks Mother Nature for this tornado-like horror.

Out of batteries on my cellphone. No electricity means no charger to charge my cellphone. How naked I feel without the phone.

Out of a refrigerator. No electricity means no fridge. My food is rotting. Why oh Whyyyyy take the most important thing from me??

Out on Internet. No electricity means no modem, no email-obsession, no food blog drooling.

But you know what?

Through this tumultuous time, I found myself even more grateful for what I have and don’t have.

Grateful that I found a love of cooking and love for myself.

I’m slowly learning what food works and doesn’t work for my body. I’m learning not to punish myself when I eat something that doesn’t suite my stomach.

Grateful that without electricity, I value its invention even more.

My blender. How I miss thee and its wonderful morning nut milk.

Grateful that without electricity, this world can provide the resources I lack at home.

Thank you Starbucks for giving me the power I need to charge my dead cellphone and make the most of my time here by updating my blog.

Thank you to the customers at Starbucks for making room for me, my cellphone, and laptop. The community power outlet was full when I came in but a man kindly traded his spot on the safety power surge so I can have room for my things. Another man let me place my phone on his table. I was a bit scared of leaving my phone out of sight but it was still there when I went back to check on its charging progress. To know that I can trust a complete stranger feels good. Thank you.

And finally, grateful that without electricity, I learned what it truly means to eat fresh produce.

Although the fridge isn’t working, the multitude of markets in my neighborhood allows me to purchase fresh produce enough for a day. It feels amazing to cook and eat fresh food. No cooking in bulks to disperse throughout the week.

I’m truly learning the meaning of portion size. the good feeling of eating a balanced meal; the bad feeling from over stuffing myself.

Thank you Life for teaching me these lessons. I’m grateful and grounded.


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