Define Me

Let’s be clear about my diet. I’m mostly vegan because it helps with my digestion, not necessarily for ethical, humane reason. Therefore, for the most part, I don’t eat anything that contains dairy, meat and seafood.


I do use honey and don’t cry over it.

If I’m out with friends and I see a dessert  or entree I like that contains dairy, I’m going to buy it and try it.

If I make food for others, I’m not going to try to “veganize” anything unless I’m comfortable with the recipe and I know that person is open to trying vegan cuisine.


I call myself a vegan because that’s my diet for the most part.

Critics might scoff and demote me to a vegetarian.


But why should we even have these labels? Why should we have to associate with a type of diet and announce it to the world? Why can’t we just enjoy food, enjoy company?

Isn’t society already judgmental?








The list can go on.

Here is a sticky.

Here is a pen.

You can define me however you want.

I choose to live life, enjoy food, and accept who I am without the label.


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