The Running Chronicles: A Year Ago

Limit Line

If you had asked me a year ago how far I thought I could run, I would have told you, “8 miles. 9 miles max.”

You could ask me the same question today and I would tell you, “I’m at 14 miles and going strong. I don’t know where my limit line ends but I feel as if I can keep going.”

Who is to say what one can or cannot do? Impossibility is all in the head.


If you were to ask me a year ago what type of exercise I did to keep in shape, I would have told you, “Running, hiking and yoga. I hate biking. Strength training is totally a guy thing; I don’t want to look bulky.”

Today, I’m open to all these sports and more. I actually enjoy leisure biking and frequently engage in strength training workouts. Varying my activities help prevent boredom and plateau.

You can educate yourself on a topic through books and believe in what you want through hearsay but don’t shoot anything down until you’ve actually tried and can attest to whether you like something or not; whether this thing is good or bad.


If you were to ask me a year ago if I knew myself and who I wanted to become, I would have told you, “Of course! I’m ambitious, athletic and a foodie! I strive to become a better person each and every day.”

Ask me this question today and I’d have to ponder for a moment.

I’m still ambitious but also lost, frustrated, and so ready to get my career going.

I’m still athletic but I’m using my physical activity time to find myself rather than challenge myself.

And I’m still a foodie but  I’m also learning that the things I eat also defines a huge part of who I am.

We often think we know who we are, the type of lifestyle we want to lead, and the type of person we want to become but nothing is definite. Be ready for change, adapt as you must, reflect often.


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