KODAK Gallery: Say Cheese!

I used to hate taking photos.

Now I carry my camera everywhere.

The Foodie in me changed me.

Not only do I appreciate food a lot more, but I appreciate photography.

I love artistic photos.

I love interesting angles.

I love colors.

Therefore, when the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program selected me as one of their “Tastemakers” to test the KODAK Quickstart Photo Book features, I said “Cheese” and jumped at the chance!

However, I must have said “Cheese” a bit too quick because I didn’t know who to give the photo book to or the theme of the book!

After pondering for a while, I decided to make a family album in honor of my sister who is leaving for her first year of college. I figured the book would be a good “going away” present for her in case she ever gets homesick (or forgets how her family looks like and how wonderful they are).

Making the photo book was actually quite fun after you get used to the features. KODAK Quickstart Photo Book offers lots of layout and background options. I almost felt overwhelmed by the choices at times and wished the program had a sensor that could detect which background would best match with the my photo on the page.

However, what fun would that be if technology did all the work, right?

KODAK claimed that their product allows the user to have “complete control and flexibility in your hands. You’ll be able to resize, move, rotate, and even overlay your photo images and text.” True to their words, I loved the ease when maneuvering and rotating the photos!

One interesting thing I noticed when making the photo book was that the only language options KODAK seemed to offer was English. I didn’t have trouble typing the text in Chinese during the editing process, however, found that my text turned up blank upon the during review of the album. Perhaps KODAK could think about expanding its language options in the future if this product is a success?

Although the photo album took a bit longer (choices, choices, choices) than I had anticipated to create, I was quite proud of the end product.

Thank you so much to Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program and KODAK for giving me this opportunity to explore my creativity! I can’t wait to receive my photo album!

Readers, are you jealous and tempted to get your own creativity going? Well, just your luck because the Kodak Gallery is providing an exclusive 40% offer to all my readers. Just redeem this offer at www.kodakgallery.com/creativity anytime before 8/31!


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