Saving Face

My mother.

I’ve mentioned her a lot on this blog because she’s a big part of my life.

She means a lot to me.

So when she fell ill yesterday,

her toughness surprised me.

We had lunch plans with my boyfriend and his family.

Never once during that meal did my mother show that she was ill.

She ate.

She happily chatted with the group.

She took care of my sister, who turned out to ALSO be ill.

When my sister couldn’t hide her pain any longer,

my mother politely excused herself and my sister from the table.

They went to the car to rest while we finished our meal.

When I went to the car to check on them,

it broke my heart to see my mom and my sister leaning their heads against the car’s back seat,

their hands on their stomaches.

My mother saw me and smiled.

She told me that she was fine.

I knew she wasn’t fine.

My father took my mother and sister home.

I went out with my boyfriend and his family.

How selfish of me right?

Rather than taking care of my mother and sister,

I’ve ignored my duties as a good daughter and older sister.

I’m sorry.

But I never stopped thinking about my mother or sister while I was out.

My conscience was clearly working a little too hard.

And I made sure to make up for everything the moment I got home.


I don’t know if I’d be able to put up such a good act if I were in your place.

You’re truly one amazing woman.







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