Life Happened

When this happened,

I cried.

The shamrock plant had mistakenly been put out in the sun that day.

The temperature was also 86 degrees, which was definitely enough to do some damage.

When I saw the vulnerable creature–withered, drooping, and fragile–I took that as a sign that my luck had evaporated.

I needed that extra luck.

Especially at a time like this.

So when I noticed that one clover was still standing tall,

I hung onto it with all my might.

But I guess you can’t put all your luck into one clover.

The whole plant eventually died.

Then this showed up at my doorsteps.

The boyfriend right behind it.

I had never gotten flowers from a boy before.

This meant a lot to me.

The bouquet also had a name.

“Rosy Outlook.”

I know I can’t bet my whole life on a bouquet of flowers.

But please, please let this be a sign.


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