Tour de California

I’m not a cyclist.

I bike to and fro work.

But only to save on gas.

It’s a legit reason.

So please,

don’t consider me as a cyclist.

Plus, I don’t do this:


I’m associated with someone who is an avid cyclist.

And Tour de California was coming to my part of town this weekend.

The boyfriend had to go.

He glamorized the event by comparing it to Hollywood.

“All the famous cycling stars will be there. And we (the ‘amateur cyclists’) are going to mob them!” He exclaimed.


Will Reese Witherspoons and the Glee cast be there too?

Errr…I guess that’s a no.

But I tagged (and dragged my sister) along as his supporters.

The venue was held in a cute outdoor shopping area.


After the “mobbing” race started, my sister and I went to explore the little shops.

And commemorated the event with photos…

of no other than ourselves.

And food.


The highlight of the food was when my sister and I shared a Lemon Custard tart from Le Pain Quotidien.

I’ve heard so much rave about them.

Yet the first bite just didn’t match up to Amadine.

Sugar. Sugar. Sugar.

Where’s the LEMON??

 The price also did not match up to its value.

The last bite didn’t leave me lingering for more.

Sorry Le Pain Quotidien.

Perhaps in another lifetime?

Our last stop was to the Cheese Cave.

Where I acted as the bait by conversing with the guy at the front counter about the cheese I don’t eat anymore (let’s say it together: Veeeegannn) just so my sister can sample their products.

But good cheese is hard to miss.

Especially when my sister nudges me after two thin cheese samples to stop conversing with the guy at the counter.

“They’re gooood; very flavorful…but too much cheese!”She whispered.

I smiled.

I love a store that can over-satisfy its customers.

At the end, we left Tour de California with peppy faces, lovely sisterly bonding time and satisfied stomaches.

And though you’d often still hear me defending that I’m not a cyclist.

I’m a supporter and admirer of one.


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