Go Use Those Legs Then Use That Mouth

Last weekend, I visited the boyfriend over in his part of town and he took me on a surprise excursion.

Little did I know that the excursion involved exercise,


and stairs.

The boyfriend should be glad that I don’t mind all three.

Otherwise, he’d have to deal with the Grinch a bit earlier this year.

Turns out lots of people were walking the steps as a workout.

Hey, I wouldn’t mind doing this as my workout if the view from the top was THIS gorgeous.

 Or if it meant that I was going to be awarded with great food at the end of my workout.

Amadine Pastisserie. I love you.

This little cafe is really my favorite place to splurge.

I usually don’t like eating pastries from bakeries or stores because I find them too sweet

(I taste sugar but where’s the chocolate in the chocolate cake?!)

But there’s something about Amadine.

The atmosphere is quaint.

The desserts are perfect. Not too sweet. The last bite makes you lingering for more.

I haven’t tried many of their actual food.

But that day, the boyfriend and I shared the Ratatouille Omelette along with our fruit tart.

By shared I meant I ate most of the fruit tart while he ate most of the omelette.

We gobbled the fruit tart first.

He had to plea to get me to eat my real meal.

How unlike me.

Threw a well-balanced meal out the window.

But it was so worth it.

Don’t believe me?

Why don’t you go hop in the car now.

Or fly.

Go to Amadine.

Try their desserts.

You won’t regret it.

Even if you have to walk flights of stairs beforehand.


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