Just One of Those Days…

Today was just one of those days…

…those days in which you had an embarrassing moment and wished you were home, tucked safely under your bed covers…

…those days in which you goofed up in front of the boss’ boss…

…confessed your incident to your boss like a kid to their mother …

…and find the courage to somehow stand up one inch taller…

…you learn from your mistake…

…and move on…

I was that goof ball today.

But after a long day, I came home,

Made my lunch for the next day.

The process was soothing.

The product tasted delicious.

And suddenly, my world didn’t seem so hopeless.

I didn’t seem so hopeless.

Please Cure My Bad Day Sushi Rolls


Nori Seaweed

Layer #1: Boiled Mung bean, Yellow Split Peas & Buckwheat

Layer #2: 1/2 cup of cooked quinoa

Layer #3: pickled cabbage & thinly sliced beets

Layer #4: Marinated raw cauliflower “rice,” thinly sliced raw chayote squash, cilantro, & homemade seitan bites


Layer each component onto the Nori Seaweed, roll it up tightly, and cut into evenly portions. Great for on-the-go meal/snack!


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