This is Me

The sky wasn’t so pretty this morning

but neither was my heart.

I debated for while whether I should risk running in such temperamental weather

but  figured a short run might be soothing for my heart.

So I strapped on my shoes

and ran.

Truth is, I’ve been running a lot lately to de-stress the mind.


1) Overworked. Underpaid. Thank you, Economy.

2) My diet, my mother & me.

When it comes to food and my diet, my mother has been unwilling to compromise and accept my new vegan lifestyle.

But I’m also stubborn so our discussions about my diet has been a tug-a-war.

I’ve tried explaining to her that I haven’t crossed into the vegan territory blind.

I’ve done my research.

I’m reading cookbooks.

I’m learning about food science.

I’m learning how to create balanced meals.

I actually enjoy cooking real meals and not just baking for the first time.

I believe, now more than ever, that the vegan lifestyle is suitable for me.

I feel good about myself and my body.

I’ve become more confident in the way I look.

But I’m not making lifetime commitments to veganism.

Just listening to my body.

So Mom, what am I doing wrong?


One thought on “This is Me

  1. Ugh, this is so tough! It is so hard when you are trying to do something that you feel is right and get flack for it from people you love. I have encountered this as a Christian, never expecting family to lash out at me. You aren’t doing anything wrong. In fact, IMHO, you are doing a GREAT thing. (I’m a flexitarian myself and greatly respect those who have taken the vegan leap–I took it and failed.) I wish I could explain why your Mom would react that way but it could be so many things and of course I don’t know her. The only idea I have is maybe part of it is sort of like a defensive thing. If you are becoming vegan b/c of the treatment of animals that are being raised for our consumption, perhaps she feels you are judging her since she is not vegan and it makes her angry…even if on some level she knows you are right. Be patient and hopefully things will blow over and she will come to accept your new lifestyle.

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