Traces of August

August 7. Hollywood Bowl.

I took someone special to see Rent.

I think the overall show could have been better but being at Hollywood Bowl for the first time made up for everything.

It was chaotic. Crowded.

Vanessa Hudgens played the role of prostitute-like Mimi.

Was I amused? I’m still not sure how to describe my reaction to her role.

But Hollywood Bowl?

It was spectacular.

August 13, aka Friday the 13th.

I took a lovely trip to San Francisco.

It was cold. I went from wearing short sleeves and shorts to 4-layer tops and jeans.

But I love the cold and SF was just amazing.

…Until I discovered that my camera was broken and that I had to rely on my friend to take pictures of all this amazingness for me.

Especially the food. Burmese, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese…

Darn that camera.

Darn Friday the 13th.

August 21-26th. Happy Birthday.

Another year older but another year wiser.

Or so I’d like to think.

I spent the weekend before my birthday in San Diego.

I have no pictures to show you because well, my dead camera…

Moving on.

I spent the week of my birthday at work and in class.

But no birthday is complete without the cake.

Receiving the presents was the cherry on top for me.

Thank you.

August 27. Class 302.

How fitting to unload the stress accumulated from my first week back at school at a cafe in the style of a classroom.

It’s creamy.

It’s satisfying.

Kick me because I think I’ve found something better than Yogurtland.

Friends & shaved iced. I will gladly fight through Friday traffic for this.



As August comes to a close, I wonder what will September bring…

I’ll see you then.


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