The Right Fit

You see these jeans?

I hate putting them on.

I hate the feeling these jeans give me when it hugs my FAT thighs and accentuate the monstrosity of my legs.

If you know me, please don’t judge me.

Please don’t stare down at my flawed area the next time we meet for tea.

If you do, I may never be able to face the public in these jeans ever again.

Yet the oddest thing about these jeans is that they are actually the right fit for me.

Not too tight that my muffin tops scrunch up, not too loose that I need to wear a belt.

…The one belt that bulges up so much when I buckle it at my waist that it makes my stomach seem as if it has rolls of flab.

If a Fitness God exists, I promise I exercise everyday.

I treat it almost like my religion.

So maybe discussing what is the right fit isn’t the right topic here.

Maybe it’s about finding the right type of clothes that will also make me feel comfortable in my own skin.

Lately, I’ve been concentrating so much on eating a healthy diet that I’ve forgotten to honor my body.

Inside and out.

So I’m relearning about life.

I’m relearning the joys of going to the library.

And the wisdom reading brings.

I’m relearning about myself.

And the right fit.

Not the one that will allow me to fit into my jeans.

But the one that will make me happy.

And enjoy life all over again.


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