Cuckoo for Chocolate

I heard that these are good quality chocolate.

Many of my friends don’t even know this fact but…

I LOVE chocolate. The darker the better. The more bitter, the happier I am.

However, I rarely indulge in chocolate because once I start, I probably won’t stop.

Not until my stomach flops and my head pleas of nausea.

Yesterday happened to have been one of the rare occasions I couldn’t resist my calling for chocolate.

What caught my attention?

..”.we will be giving away a ‘year’s supply of chocolate.’ That is, we will give away to one lucky blogger, 10 bars a month for a year. That is over $830 in chocolate!Amano Artisan Chocolate.”

After reading the above excerpt, a couple of things came into mind:

You’ve got to be kidding me. 10 bars of chocolate a month??

Is it good quality chocolate? (Yes, answered Wikipedia)

Will I be able to contain my chocolate addiction?

After running these questions through my head, I decided:

I want in.

You should too.

Amano is creating a new chocolate. Guess the Origin of the cocoa beans in which Amano will be using to produce the new chocolate.

Good luck!

(If you win, let me know. We can work something out.)


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