BakeMe: Help Me

Can I tell you a secret?


*Takes a deep breath*

I lost the power to bake. I’ve tried multiple times during multiple weeks but the recipes just don’t come out right.

You think I’m kidding? Exaggerating?

I’m not.

My cookies. They crumble. They’re sugarless (though I’ve added sugar). They taste wheaty.

What happened???

I used to be able to convert recipes to not only be healthier but also taste just as amazing as the original.

Now, I’ve seemed to have lost my magical powers. Or maybe just my rationality to proportion my ingredients.

Rather than giving up, I went on a hike this past weekend.

With my former boss. Yup, we actually became friends after I left my job.

Things just keep getting weirder in my life.

I’d love to show you proof that I was with her but I don’t think she’d appreciate finding her picture on the World Wide Web. She’d hunt me down.

I’d end up on her black list.

You understand.

But the hike, OH the hike! It was gorgeous. The hopeless baker in me needed the tranquility and companionship.

The boss and I chatted and hiked for about 3 hours. It WASN’T awkward. We survived.

Unfortunately, I still can’t bake. I tried baking cookies yesterday. EPIC FAIL.

I didn’t even have the heart to take pictures.

Baking Fairy Godmother, where oh where can you be?

Maybe you’re just hiding from me like the scaly creature below.

Either way, I’ll find you. I promise. Or my blog would not be called Bake Me.


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