Just My Two Cents


This is a blog.

About food.

And about myself.

I don’t have to talk about myself, but I think you naturally get a sense of who I am when I talk about food.

This blog is public.

I’ve just invited all of you to catch a glimpse of my life.


Leave me comments.

I’d like to go back to high school and experience what popularity feels like.

Wait. Did I get a chance to tell all of you yet?

You guys are wonderful.

You’re comments are wonderful. Inspirational.

I can’t get enough of all of you.

And blogging.

And food of course.

However, I hear that popularity comes with a price.


Recently, a bad storm has hit some food bloggers. Or maybe these critics have always been there. I’ve just turned my back to them.

And my blog isn’t one of the popular ones.


Like a bad date, the harsh comments and negativity were turn-offs. I suddenly didn’t feel like blogging as frequently as I’d originally intended.

Why make others feel bad?

If you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all.

Or you know what, just walk away. Don’t read the post. Don’t read the blog.

Why are we judging others?

No one’s perfect.

Some bloggers we feel as if they can be our best friends while others, eh, not so much. But hey! Good news, you get to pick and choose your friends.

Let’s start over.

This is a blog.

About food.

And about myself.


Eh. Not so much.

So remind me again why I wanted to relive high school?


4 thoughts on “Just My Two Cents

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    Thumbs up, and keep it going!

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