We don’t realize how much we’ve changed until we the pictures show us our reality.

I went to my first baby shower last weekend. We had tons of delicious homemade appetizers.

Thanks to Betty Crocker and some creative bakers, my friends were able to come up in with this heart-melting baby carriage.

A touch of class with Trader Joe’s sparkling pink lemonade. Thanks Trader Joe’s for making this delicious bubbly beverage mother-to-be friendly!

When all the baby games were about to come to an end, it hit me. Life hit me. I thought this day would never come: one of my friends has an actual baby inside of her.

This wasn’t Ken and Barbie taking care of their plastic child. These were my friends who were ready to start a family together.

The hosts of the baby shower apparently also wanted to be clear about the baby’s gender:

As I flip through the pictures from these last few weeks, I realized that time really doesn’t stop for anyone.

As much as I would love to stay 12-years old, my sister is almost ready to apply to colleges.

And my grandmother, whom I’ve never been close to my entire life, has shown a gentler, more loving side of her that I’ve never seen. Suddenly, I don’t mind spending time with her. Beneath her glossy, smooth face and tough demeanor lies a vulnerable being.

I had once believed that age was just a figure–that we were all ageless beings.

I was wrong. Life, you’ve changed me too.


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