What Goes Up, Must Come Down

In regards to my vow to “bake” a healthier me, I’ve been increasing my daily calorie intake.


  • I’m less moody (yay!)
  • I’m happier
  • My endurance during my workouts is a lot stronger and better

I had previously restricted myself because I feared gaining weight but despite not weighing myself, I really don’t think I’ve gained weight but rather gotten more toned from eating more and doing harder workouts.

Remember my complaint about overindulgence? Well, I did it again today. Not only did I overload myself with carbs–bao for breakfast, TWO tamales for lunch and 4 cookies as part of my afternoon snack–I gorged on nuts, fruits, and practically any food that caught my eye.

Ah yes…I was as happy as a chubby child while eating but what goes up, must come down right?

The guilt kicked in around 3:30 this afternoon. I decided that running was mandatory today, not only because I’ve been gluttonous, but also because I haven’t ran since the rain last week ruined my whole workout regime.

Yup, I was super elated after seeing my stats after my workout. Hopefully I had worked off at least half the carbs I ate today.

But what goes up, must come down right?

Maybe I’ve missed the loop somewhere in my life but why do some cars feel the need to honk at runners as they pass them on the road?

I got honked at TWICE within 1 minute on my way back home.

Thanks drivers. I run to entertain all of you.

I grumbled but decided I wouldn’t let them ruin the rest of my run.

After a long and hard run, I always end my workouts with “Breathe” from Taylor Swifts. Somehow, the song calms me down and allow my heartbeat to return to its normal tempo.

I was all smiles after hearing the song.

But what goes up, can also stay up right? 🙂

So far, the evening has been calm. I’ll leave my apple pie fiasco for another day, okay?


2 thoughts on “What Goes Up, Must Come Down

  1. Haha, those drivers were probably hitting on you! 😉
    Ah, well, carbs are the best fuel for running! I’d rather eat more and move more, than eat less and feel miserable and hungry!

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