The Simple Things

I’ve been more reflective lately, probably because of my chaotic life. I never thought this blog would act as my outlet but it has become so. Each new post, the simple words and pictures, are enough to complete my day. Thank you, to the simple things in life.

Sometimes, I dream about living an extravagant lifestyle with a big house and backyard when all I really needed was my Nike+ gear and iPod. Running was all that I really needed today.

In the morning, I like to fill my bowl with as much healthy junk as possible: sweet potatoes, Trader Joe’s Fiber Cereal, oatbran, crumbles of some homemade banana and carrot cake, an orange on the side…and maybe a dried persimmon for on-the-go.

However, in continuing my New Year’s resolution to slow down and really learn to savor my food, I found a delicious post-run snack: 1/4 cup of oatbran with a splash of soymilk and water. No sugar. No toppings. Simple.

After Newman’s Own Organics had spoiled me rotten, I had almost wanted to be condescending towards Premier Organics when I received these teeny tiny samples from them.

I was obviously having too much fun until I checked out their nutritional content:

I tried to get a good picture but the words were too small and the focus on my camera isn’t all that great. Anyways, the jar contains 213 calories in 1 tbsp. 213 calories?! That’s major nutritional value right there that I almost took for granted. *sigh* The old saying, “Never judge a book by its cover,” holds true even when it comes to food.

I’m really grateful for Premier Organics’ generosity because now I have at least 2 weeks worth of breakfast topping right there! Plus, each jar comes in a different flavor, perfect for me since I love variety in my food!

More reviews to come…

In the meantime, look around you to see what simple things brighten up your day. You might find something you’ve missed that was right in front of you all along 🙂


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