Outdoor Yoga

That’s our avocado tree. Is it just me or does it look a bit wimpy to you too?

WELL…after a nice family discussion, we realized that all the women in the family have been watering our plants daily. The list includes my amazing mama, my mischievous sister, and me. Can you believe it? THREE times a day, everyday!

Man, I don’t blame the plants for feeling droopy. I feel a bit droopy and guilty myself.

On another note:

I practiced about 40 minutes of yoga today.

60 degree weather with just my yoga pant and tank.

Yup. I was practically freezing my arms off but once I started my “workout,” I forget about everything.

I forgot about the millions of things on my To Do List.

I threw away the worries that haunt me night and day.

For once, I thought only of myself and enjoyed the present.

I never felt such freedom. Just me and the wind breathing on me.

If everyday can be like this…


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