Pretend with me, just for today okay?

Let’s pretend that every morning, I wake up to this serenity:

And each day that I wake up, I don’t have a care in the world. Words, such as “worry,” “stress” and “frustration,” are estranged to me.

Let’s pretend, just for moment, that I’m actually excited to go back to school. That I don’t have any anxiety attacks. That if I had any fears, baking and cooking can be the remedy to everything.

And let’s pretend that I didn’t do the two workouts I did today to calm myself down. That when running during my second workout, I hadn’t seen or heard a drunkard ask me as I passed him, “Hey, where are you going? Come back!”

I heard footsteps behind me for two seconds. I held my breath for two seconds. Please don’t come after me. I was safe.

In my perfect world, I would be able to run whenever and wherever I wanted, without fearing for my own safety each time I went out.

And every time I came home after a workout, I would pass by our blooming “garden” (that in reality still looks like a barren plot of land from afar) without depressing thoughts such as: “Are you dying? PLLLLLEEEAAASSSEEE don’t die. You’re too young to die! I’ve only had you for FOUR dayssss…”

But all perfect worlds must come to an end at sunset.

Despite this fact, it’s good to know, that a bit of my perfect world still exists in reality.

It’s going to be a rough few months but keep your chin up and I’ll try to keep mine up as well.


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