Funny how every year, no matter how old I get, I always speak of my future starting with the lines, “Well, when I grow up…”.

I define growing up as having a stable career but I haven’t found my niche yet. I wander aimlessly from job to job. At every job, my employers constantly praised me for a job well done.

No, I don’t deserve the compliments. I wouldn’t call this place home. I wouldn’t consider all of you my family.

When I can have that kind of relationship with an organization, then I know that that is where I want my career to begin. Then, I have grown up.

I noticed a lot of food bloggers who realized through their blogging experience that they want to dedicate their careers to promoting nutrition and healthy living.

I secretly started this blog because I wasn’t ready to reveal my food obsession. I started this blog approximately 11 months ago. Not very avid in the beginning, but now I’m hooked.

My ideal career encourages others to be active and live a healthy lifestyle. Finding that perfect organization can be difficult. Working in the food and health industry may be risky because they constantly have to be on the lookout for new additions to their product lines.

However, I started this blog wanting to find true happiness and if that happiness lies in my passion for food, then it’s time to break down that barrier and start searching.


One thought on “WHEN I GROW UP

  1. Good luck…it's a tough thing, deciding exactly what you want. I say, just give everything a try. wherever your passion lies, give it a shot. Then you won't ever have regrets!

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